Relief Funds in Action

On behalf of RoRo, Eline, and all those you help us serve on a daily basis and in disaster situations such as this, thank you for the outpouring of love, prayer, support, and encouragement! Because of your quick action and response, we were able to send the first amounts of disaster relief funds to purchase food from a local source and medications needed to prepare the Peredo Community Hospital to treat patients. Our local pastors and medical professionals have packaged and distributed some meals and are prepared to feed those coming to the hospital. This is only possible by the grace of God and through your generosity!
We have been in close contact with multiple organizations to coordinate the movement of supplies to local areas now devastated by the earthquake and tropical storm Grace. Because of the amount of rain Grace dumped on the South and Southeast Departments (Peredo is in the Southeast), there was massive flooding and additional landslides, causing the roadways to be impassable for several days this week. Just yesterday, JoJo, our Assoc. Director of Operations, spent two and a half hours traversing the road from Cyvatier to Peredo. This is typically a thirty to forty-five minute drive.
Haitian Christian Outreach is preparing a team of medical professionals to enter the country in the next couple of weeks in order to relieve the first responders and provide orthopedic care. We are being very diligent and intentional in our planning and timing as the local medical professionals and those currently on the ground are doing a great job of coordinating efforts. The manpower is currently there, but the material supply needed is great.
While we are praying for discernment and wisdom, we are appealing for financial support. This support will assist with the following:
  • Medical supplies, especially wound dressing, gloves, syringes
  • Medications including Antibiotics and Anesthesia medication
  • Food supply that we can purchase in country as well as have shipped in when necessary
  • Travel expenses for the necessary rotating teams over the next few weeks
  • Fuel for heavy machinery to clear the roads and for modes of transportation once teams are on the ground
  • Cots to set up in our school houses to provide triage units
  • Tarps for temporary coverings for homes demolished or damaged during the earthquake and storm until rebuilding starts
  • Resources for repair and rebuilding of homes, businesses and the roofs of the dorms on our campus
  • Replacement of bedding in our campus dorms as the leaking of the roofs has damaged over half our mattresses.

HCO has also been blessed by an anonymous donor, providing a matching gift of up to $10,000 to help meet immediate needs. You can double your impact by designating your gift for Disaster Relief and Development. Simply click the GIVE NOW button below to help meet the needs of our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Again, we cannot thank you enough for your prayers and gifts!

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