Vwazinaj se Fanmi

We are continuing the HCO short-term team shirt tradition of providing a shirt designed with a Creole phrase. Teams wear these during the week of their trip in Haiti as a silent witness to God’s goodness and the hope we have. It’s a way teams can communicate with our Haitian friends in their own language even if they don’t speak a word of Creole. And, the shirts usually spark some conversations in the States, allowing teams to share about their trip, experiences, and faith.

This year, RoRo’s theme for the shirts is a Haitian saying:

Vwazinaj se fanmi

Neighborhood is family.

RoRo says, “Who is my neighbor? Theologically, my neighbor isn’t the person who is living next to me or one street over. But it’s the person in need…in need of Christ or a physical need. If I can meet it, I will because that person is really my neighbor.”

Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan when asked the same question: Who is my neighbor? (Luke 10). May we “go and do likewise” when we come across someone who is hurting, in need of hope, or in need of a physical provision!

We hope the phrase is a good conversation starter – and that teams can share the truth of neighbors being family in both words and in action. Teams will receive their Team Gear (shirts, luggage tags, name tags, lanyards) about one month prior to their trip.

Enjoy this look back at past T-shirt designs!

2018 Team Shirt: Lom di san fe, Bondye fe san di (People say things they don’t do. God does things without saying.)


2017 Team Shirt: Bondye Pi Fo (God is greater)

2016 Team Shirt: Lespwa fe viv (Hope brings life)