2018 Intern Testimonies

Summer teams have the added blessing of getting to know and work with a group of interns who come to serve in Peredo. HCO summer interns help host teams, serve wherever needed, and learn a lot about the Haitian culture and our ministry. Our Summer 2018 Interns were Larissa Blevins, Hannah Nichols, Logan Schmidt, and Jillian Strouse. We asked them to share some thoughts about their experience.

If you came on a trip this summer or are thinking about applying to become an intern, check out their stories!

Summer 2019 internship applications are being accepted until Monday, October 15, 2018!

Larissa Blevins, Lead Intern
These past two summers serving as an intern, I have seen HCO in a new way. More importantly, I have witnessed a small portion of all the hard work that gets done to keep everything moving smoothly, both in Haiti and back in the States. I only hope that during my time there I was able to lessen their load just a little bit.

Life in Haiti isn’t easy. Situations can change in an instant, whether it be good or bad, and your mindset and your reactions affect not only yourself, but also the people alongside you and the work you are doing. I feel like that was the biggest lesson I learned this summer.

Even though it’s a cliché answer, when I was asked how I saw God this summer, I definitely saw Him among the people I worked with.

I saw God in the community of believers – whether it be the lovely Marise calling out my name and calling me her daughter or walking through the village hearing children scream my name and running up to give me a hug.

I saw God through Jimmy and Chrisne continuously working hard day and night.

I saw God through my fellow interns as they continued to push through the summer, giving the same effort to the last team as they did the first.

I saw God through Marcus and Arin and the way they have brought fresh eyes and ideas that will improve the campus, the way they have interacted with the teams and interns, as well as the way they have invested in and supported me throughout the summer.

I saw God through Cameron as he helped the interns with their transition to, during, and from Haiti, while doing so many things as the U.S. Director.

I saw God through Jennifer communicating with teams so that they are prepared for their week in Haiti and by updating people back in the States about what is going on in Haiti.

I saw God through Eline by working hard to make sure that we had everything we needed, and also when she would pull out some freshly cut, cold pineapple at the most perfect time.

I saw God through RoRo’s passion to not only spread the Gospel, but to live it out, and by taking the time to fully immerse himself into any conversation.

There are so many moving parts to the day-to-day operations of HCO, and these people and so many others help it come all together. I see God through the things he is doing through HCO so that we can do something that will last.

Logan Schmidt
When I first was asked how I was going to describe my experiences this past summer, I was overwhelmed with different thoughts and emotions to the point where I was speechless. God had truly opened my eyes to so many new experiences that it felt almost insulting to leave even one detail out. His love radiated so passionately throughout the country that it was impossible not to adore the people, the culture, or the stunning scenery. Strangers greet you as old friends, and old friends greet you as family; what more could you ask for? The community was built on God’s love and there was no mistaking the power and impact it had.

I was fortunate enough to experience my first VBS. Admittedly, I was overwhelmed by the idea of organizing hundreds of kids I could barely speak to at first, but I am missing them more and more each day. I was also given the opportunity to help around campus in many different areas, including helping deliver a baby girl. It was incredibly gratifying to see the progress we were able to achieve throughout the summer!

In addition to the work done in Peredo, I had the opportunity to travel to many other towns throughout Haiti. Seeing the different ways of life and how each community lived off the resources they had access to was nothing short of remarkable!

Overall, God has done some amazing work in Haiti, and I have been blessed to have been a part of it. I formed many new relationships with the Haitians, the team members, and with the other interns that will hopefully last a lifetime. I cannot thank God, HCO, RoRo and Eline, or the Corn family enough for their love and support this summer.

Jillian Strouse
I’m afraid of storms and I don’t like boats. So when I was on a boat coming back to Marigot and a storm started forming, you can imagine the anxiety forming in my stomach. My prayer was: “Lord, please calm this storm just enough until we get to land.” I prayed this over and over until I had this realization: sometimes God doesn’t calm the storm outside but instead calms the one brewing in our hearts. It seems like a simple lesson, but the peace that filled my heart was undeniable. I had this lesson taught to me multiple times during the summer. Being able to see things from a different perspective is an important part of life, not only in the mission field, but in every area we face.

We will never be able to see things from God’s exact point of view, but the little times when He gives us insight is such an authentic, intimate part of our Christian walk. Being loved by the Creator of the entire universe and allowing Him to change us from the inside out is an experience I will never grow tired of.