Our Peredo & Kapotyer Children

Our students at Emmanuel Christian Schools have a little different schedule than most children in the States. In Haiti, our school calendar goes from September or October (depending on location) through mid-June. The city schools usually start earlier than the rural schools due to farm families needing their children to help with harvest.

This year, we continue to have high expectations for our students to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and stature. Historically, our students score very highly on the national exams and our schools have received recognition for educational excellence. We are very proud of their determination and scholarship!

For the first time in HCO’s history, this school year you can sponsor an individual child so that they can receive excellent education and spiritual training. You can select the gender and grade for your child when you sign up to become a sponsor. You can choose your child’s photo profile when you host or attend a Child Sponsorship Day.

Or, in this special blog, we are highlighting four students who need a sponsor. The first person to sign up to sponsor each child below will receive his or her profile**. Please put the child’s name in the “comments” box.

Will you make a difference and become a child sponsor today?

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**If you sign up to sponsor one of these children and he or she has already been sponsored, HCO will assign you a child of the same gender and grade to the extent possible based on remaining children who need a sponsor.