A Work Worth Advocating For

The work of Haitian Christian Outreach would not be possible without partners walking alongside us in ministry. We depend on your prayers, advocacy, and support. We love how God uses His people to grow the Kingdom!

At HCO we want to make it easier for you to be an advocate for the work God is doing in Haiti by providing answers to some common questions. Don’t underestimate the power of advocacy! You can do something in Haiti that will last just by starting conversations in your community of friends and family.

Who is Haitian Christian Outreach?

Haitian Christian Outreach partners with Haitian Christians to transform a culture for Christ. HCO is doing something in Haiti that will last by building generations of new believers through work in four primary ministry areas.

  1. Through Church Planting, we equip Haitian leaders = 8 Churches, 8 Pastors, 1,500 Members, 48 Decisions for Christ this year
  2. We minister to Children by meeting their spiritual, educational, and physical needs = 6 Schools, 141 Teachers & Staff, 1,600 Students
  3. We serve through Health Care, providing medical and dental services = 40 Staff Members, 8 areas of quality Medical Care, 300+ Surgeries, 5,000+ Patient Consultations this year
  4. We empower through Community Development projects that provide economic transformation = 3 Well Projects providing clean water to hundreds of families

How has HCO been challenged with the effects of COVID-19?

HCO has been challenged by the pandemic but that has not stopped the work from continuing.  Most areas of life shut down in Haiti just like in the United States. Our churches and schools were closed and people were asked to social distance and wear masks.

Many people lost their jobs just like in the United States. Thousands of Haitians cross the border to work in the Dominican Republic and send money back home. However, when the virus hit the Caribbean the DR closed it’s borders and sent everyone home. There is no unemployment aide in Haiti.

At HCO we have been meeting the immediate needs of the community by creating opportunities for income and providing food and toiletry kits. We have been in multiple regions bringing relief in the Name of Jesus. More than 600 families have been served so far through food, toiletries, masks, and mobile medical clinics. All food and supplies given were purchased through Haitian vendors to help provide income.

Peredo Community Hospital continues to be a beacon of light in the surrounding communities. Just last month we saw 730 patients and delivered 28 babies. PCH recently began offering dental care and welcomed Dr. Jean Ovly Marcelin who has already seen 67 patients.

Many jobs have also been created through Phase III Construction of the hospitals Surgical Center. Phase III includes the second story of the surgical wing and will consist of a 22-bed long-term care facility for patients who have just had extensive surgery or require more long-term care. The Haitian construction company has completed all interior and exterior walls using leftover brick from the CEB machine.

Our churches and schools are now open and ministering throughout the country. We are blessed that none of our pastors, teachers, or families in the church or school have been sick from the virus or injured from the recent tropical storm.

God is working through the pandemic! The way we minister may look different but the mission behind the ministry has not changed and will continue.

How can I pray for the ministry?

The greatest thing you can do for HCO is to pray!

  1. Pray for strength and health for founders RoRo and Eline Eustache as they diligently work to minister and meet the needs of our brothers and sisters in Haiti.
  2. Pray for peace for all HCO Pastors, Teachers, Students, and Hospital Staff as they continue to preach, teach, grow, and serve in their communities.
  3. Pray for the leaders of Haiti to make wise decisions that will support the people and provide critical resources such as fuel, food, and access to education and medical care.

What are the greatest needs of HCO right now?

  1. Child Sponsorship: A child sponsor lovingly provides quality education, spiritual training, nutrition, and access to free health care. For $20 a month, a child sponsor can create opportunities for a child, help ease the financial burden for a family, and help build up the next generation in Haiti. Sponsors will be connected with a specific child and may select the school and gender of their child.
  2. Matching Gifts to continue construction of Emmanuel Christian School in Grand Bois: The school was under construction but had damage due to the recent tropical storm. Students are currently learning in the church building and a small tin building located beside the church. These buildings also had mud and water damage.
  3. Churches or small groups to pack meals through Lifeline or I.D.E.S.

So now that you know, go spread the word!! Thank you for your heart for Haiti! Thank you for your partnership! And thank you for being an advocate of Haitian Christian Outreach!

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