Pray With Us

The most impactful thing you can do for Haitian Christian Outreach and the Kingdom of God is to pray.  Please join with us in praying that God guides and directs everything that happens through HCO.

Each month, we blog about current praises and prayer needs. You can find past prayer posts here: Pray With Us. Or, you can receive them in our monthly eStories (sign up at bottom of this page).

30-Day of Prayer for Haitian Christian Outreach: Will you join us in our 30 day prayer challenge? Prayer is so powerful and can change lives, because Jesus changes everything. Here are 30 days of specific prayers for HCO.

1. Health & hope given through Peredo Community Hospital Surgical Center

2. Increased classroom sponsors so every classroom will be provided with the appropriate resources needed.

3. Haiti church leaders to be encouraged and strengthened

4. Teachers that guide, mentor and show Jesus to our children

5. Construction of the school in Grand Bois

6. Peace & progress for the Haitian government & economy

7. For strong, Christ-centered families in our communities

8. Pastors, including Jacquelin, Oxy, Cherubim, Matthieu

9. Holy Spirit breakthrough of spiritual strongholds

10. Strength & wisdom for RoRo & Eline Eustache

11. US Team: Megan, Becky, Madison, and Jorja

12. Leadership & wisdom for our School Principals

13. Evangelism to be the center of all we do

14. Strong marriages & faithful families for all staff & leaders

15. That many will come to know salvation through Jesus

16. Revival of prayer and faith of all Christians in Haiti

17. Effective community development projects

18. Wisdom & direction for Board of Directors as they guide

19. Excellent & compassionate care from our doctors & nurses

20. Preparation for short-term teams coming to serve

21. Evangelism in Anse a Boeuf and Belle Anse

22. RoRo & Eline: marriage, family, serving in Haiti

23. Church partners to increase their general fund giving

24. Our Director of Operation on the Ground in Haiti, JoJo

25. Bold church members who share their faith with others

26. 1,600 school children – spiritual & educational growth

27. Health, healing and hope for patients at PCH

28. Construction of the church in Peredo

29. Construction of the church/school in Drouilliard

30. Future planning for the mission

Pray for Emmanuel Christian School Students:

Each month we invite our classroom sponsors and our HCO community to pray in unity for our students. Or, download a printable version.