Meeting Julien

Haitian Christian Outreach is building generations of new believers through many areas of ministry including ministering to children. Children are the future of Haiti and so meeting their spiritual, physical, and educational needs is very important to us. One way we do this is through our 6 Emmanuel Christian Schools located in the communities of Port-au-Prince, Drouillard, Peredo, Kapotyer, Seguin, and Grand Bois.

In these communities, our teachers provide excellent educational and spiritual training to more than 1,600 students. But this is only made possible through our Child Sponsorship Program. Sponsors partner with our schools to educate, evangelize, equip, empower, and encourage our students. It’s a way for sponsors to truly do something for Haiti that will last.

On a recent trip to Haiti, one of our child sponsors had the exciting opportunity to meet her sponsored child Julien and writes about her experience:

Getting to meet your sponsored child gives you many emotions. We had been in Haiti on our trip for five days before it was the day to meet Julien. By then we had experienced how differently Haitians live than Americans. I was excited to finally meet him; yet nervous it was going to be awkward and difficult with the language barrier. But as soon as I saw him (looking a tad bit older than the picture we keep on our fridge) my heart filled with joy to finally meet him in person. We talked, with the help of our translator, Henderson. I was able to bring him a small gift to remember me by (The Jesus Storybook Bible in Creole).

Julien goes to school at Emmanuel Christian School of Peredo where HCO’s campus is located. The following day some of my team members and I took some treats to the school he attends and Julien and I made eye contact and we both grinned and waved at each other. It was a sweet moment that I will never forget. Knowing the monthly support helps him be able to go to school to get an education that will help him grow, is what each child deserves!


Child Sponsorship is so important to the ministry of HCO, especially in a difficult season such as this. Difficult days are nothing new for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Shutdowns, lack of resources, no food, uncertainty; unfortunately these are not uncommon in Haiti. That’s why continuing or starting a Child Sponsorship is so important. Even when school is not in session, teachers, staff and schoolchildren have needs that must be met. Salaries, income, physical needs such as food and medicine, and encouragement in knowing they have not been forgotten and are still being supported so when school does start back up they can continue to grow and learn to better prepare for their future.

These days may seem unfamiliar to us but they are not unfamiliar to Christ. You may be feeling confused, isolated, and helpless. However, there is a way you can help. You cannot control the circumstance you are in, but you can control how you react to it. You can spread the light of Christ and bring some much-needed hope. Matthew 25:40 says “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” For more information on becoming a Child Sponsor visit our website or contact Larissa Blevins, HCO Child Sponsorship Coordinator.