Celebrating 2015

As we look forward to ministry in 2016, there are many HCO highlights to celebrate in 2015. Take a moment and celebrate with us!

  • The beginning stages of a new church in Belle Anse, Haiti
  • Discipleship training for pastors and church leaders
  • The new school addition being completed at Kapotyer
  • Almost 2,000 students being discipled and trained through our six schools
  • Peredo Community Hospital giving hope and healthcare to an average of 350 to 400 patients per month 
  • Phase II of the hospital going from foundation stage to almost roof level
  • The Compressed Earth Block process being refined and producing almost 1,500 blocks per day when in full production
  • Poultry farmers weathering a difficult year of production

We give all honor and glory to God for the way He worked among us in 2015!