Changing Lives Through Euchre Change a Life

It’s Friday night. The tables are set, snacks are out, cards are shuffled, and the euchre fans are ready for action. Let the fun begin! But this euchre tournament in Michigan is slightly different. Sure the game is the same but the purpose is much deeper than a fun night out with friends. The purpose of this euchre tournament is to change a life.

Euchre Change a Life, which started in 2018, benefits students at our Emmanuel Christian Schools, 24 students to be exact, through sponsorship. Folks come out to play euchre and funds raised provide these 24 amazing students with education, spiritual training, nutrition, and access to health care. Folks come out to play euchre but in reality, they are helping to change a life for a child in Haiti.

Kevin Tang and Ben Curtis, members of 2|42 Community Church and creators of the Euchre Change a Life event, first traveled to Haiti with their church in 2017. There they were moved to do something more to help the kids. Kevin said, When I saw those kids in Haiti begging in the school courtyard because their families couldn’t afford to send them to grade school, it just broke my heart. It was really hard for me to imagine a bright future for them if they couldn’t even go to elementary school. I just felt like I had to do something when I got back.” During a euchre game on that same trip the idea and planning for Euchre Change a Life began.

Fast-forward a couple of years and in February 2020, Euchre Change a Life held their 20th euchre tournament. Since the first tournament in April 2018 they have raised a total of $9,968 for classroom sponsorship and have welcomed 718 players. What an incredible blessing! They have also expanded, holding tournaments at 3 different locations in Michigan and will soon add 2 more locations. In 2019, participants in the various tournaments and locations also donated 150 lbs. of school supplies which members of the group delivered personally to their sponsored children including Kevin who helped start it all!

“It’s clear to me that God has been orchestrating this all!! I feel like all I’m doing is just showing up and saying ‘yes,’ and I try to emphasize to all our supporters whenever I can that it’s them who are the ones changing lives!! All I wanted was an outlet to do something for those kids from where I am, and Euchre has become that and more! I’m continually surprised by how much Euchre has done to build community and help to connect people and make new friends! If there’s any secret sauce to Euchre Change a Life, it’s been the desire to make everyone who comes to feel loved. We aren’t just cold administrators of a card tournament – we are ambassadors of God and His great love! Haitian Christian Outreach has given us a wonderful means to extend God’s love to children in great need, as well as to everyone who shows up to play! And seeing the impact that HCO is making in Haiti has made my heart bigger, along with the hearts of our Euchre Change a Life supporters!”

The impact made through sponsorship builds up the next generation of believers, leaders, and families in Haiti. For more information on classroom sponsorship watch our Child Sponsorship Video and visit our website. If you have further questions or would like assistance with becoming a classroom sponsor, please contact, Jonah Steele, Programs Coordinator for Haitian Christian Outreach.