Our Amazing Teachers!

The 2019/2020 school year in Haiti began with great difficulty and many questions. Most schools were not able to open their doors to start the new school year because of the crisis in the country. The lack of resources and constant protesting in the streets forced families to keep their children home. Emmanuel Christian Schools in Drouillard, Grand Bois, Kapotyer, Peredo, Port-au-Prince, and Seguin were among the schools that struggled. However, with the new year and a bit of calm in the country, schools officially opened throughout Haiti in January.

We are so grateful for God’s protection of our school children, their families, and our teachers and staff through this difficult year. We rejoice that our nearly 1,600 students and 141 teachers and staff were able to get back to somewhat of a normal routine. A routine that includes academics, spiritual training, nutrition, and an investment into their future!

We are also blessed to have such a committed and compassionate group of teachers and staff who work diligently to support and encourage students through education. Education would not be possible without amazing teachers! Most of our teachers grew up in the community in which they teach. Some have even attended the school in which they are teaching. Other people have invested in their lives and now they are giving back and investing in the lives of their students.

Desilia has been teaching 4th grade in Drouillard for 5 years and says, “My favorite thing about being a teacher is; I love it so much.”

Marceau has been teaching 6th grade in Port-au-Prince for 3 years and says his favorite thing about teaching is “The gratitude of the students. They are so grateful toward me.”

Anise has been teaching 1st grade in Port-au-Prince for 9 years and says, “My favorite thing about being a teacher is my vocation. I like students and I like to teach.”

Betanie has been teaching pre-k students for 5 years in Kapotyer. She grew up in the community and says she loves teaching the children.

Suze has been teaching pre-k students in Peredo for 2 years. When asked why she teaches she said, “I would like that the children have a good education and that every child has a chance to come to school.”

Eugène has been teaching 4th grade in Seguin for 7 years. He said he likes learning as he teaches and that being a teacher helps him “develop my skills.”

Our students are grateful for having such loving and compassionate teachers. Many of us remember a special teacher we’ve had throughout our lives, which helped us achieve our goals and encouraged us to never give up. Emmanuel Christian School teachers do that every day in Haiti. They are a special influence on their students’ lives, helping them to achieve goals and encouraging them to never give up.