Church Planting

Church Planting

RoRo’s central focus and the heart of all ministry at HCO is fueled by the desire to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone we encounter. The value of evangelism is held high, whether we are educating children, providing health care, or meeting community needs. Our leaders mentor and disciple Haitian leadership as we plant new churches. And mature believers are being trained to support current church leadership and in preparation for new church plants.

Every year, we are blessed by Emmanuel Christian Church of Seguin as they dedicate their First Fruits back to the Lord in a beautiful worship celebration. Learn more about the Seguin Feast of the Harvest on our blog.

You can learn more about current ministry from our Church Planting blogs!

All HCO-planted churches are called Emmanuel Christian Church, followed by the community’s name. We have planted churches in these locations:

  • Belle Anse (2015)
  • Bordin (2013)
  • Chota (2014)
  • Cyvadier
  • Drouillard (2002)
  • Grand Bois (2011)
  • Kapotyer (1998)
  • Peredo (2006)
  • Seguin (1991)
  • Terre-Neuve (2011)          

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