Clean Water in Anse a Boeuf!

Around 200 people gathered in Anse a Boeuf at the end of October to witness a miracle!

Politicians, government officials, news media, and the people of Anse a Boeuf gathered at the top of a short hill, not too far from town, to see the first clean water distributed to the village. As the song leader started the crowd in singing How Great Thou Art, it was evident that this was the day that the Lord had made and He deserved all of the glory and honor. RoRo said to the crowd: “We made no promises, but we asked God to provide clean water to Anse a Boeuf and He did!”

Over the next hour or so, the mayor spoke and gave thanks to Pastor RoRo, Haitian Christian Outreach, Healing Waters, and everyone who had helped to make this possible. Then, Ro shared the story of the Samaritan woman at the well from John 4, explaining that our real hope is not clean water, but the Living Water. As he did, he grabbed a big orange jug from a person in the crowd and took the first drink of clean water from the new water system in Anse a Boeuf. It was truly a miracle!

What joy to watch as each person received the first taste of clean water in Anse a Boeuf, including several little kids! One little girl drank five cups in a row as Nate Carter from First Christian Church (Fairfield, IL) handed each one to her with a smile.

Our “Water Team” – RoRo, Cameron, Terry Gunn, and Nate and Callie Carter – helped distribute the water after the dedication ceremony. Terry was instrumental in researching systems and meeting with Healing Waters International. The Carters connected the dots with their church in Fairfield (IL). Then, FCC made a major investment in the project. Finally, it all came together with Healing Waters’ unique approach, which you can read more about here. The well and purification system was the perfect solution for providing clean water in a place as difficult as Anse a Boeuf!

Our Water Team: Cameron, Terry Gunn, Nate Carter, RoRo, Callie Carter
Cameron with Hippolyte from Healing Waters International

We celebrate what God has done for the village of Anse a Boeuf, to bring not only clean water, but the Living Water to every single person!