Dump Truck Miracle


by Cameron Mayhill, US Director

Many of you have been praying for our dump truck. At first, it was prayers for the need. Then, it became prayers that it would be released from customs. And it then it remained prayers that it would be released from customs. HCO has been working on the process of obtaining a dump truck for nearly 5 years.

Now, we are seeing the miracle God is giving us in answer to your prayers!

In February, God impressed it on my heart to tackle the issue of the dump truck that had been caught in a customs nightmare for the last five years. My flight didn’t leave Port au Prince until 2:30 p.m., so RoRo and I decided to drive up early from Peredo and face the music. Due to all that had happened, much of which was out of our control, we fully anticipated walking out of the dealership with a dead deal, losing our $30,000 deposit that we had placed in 2012. Or we anticipated having to pay a great deal more than originally planned due to talk about owing “storage fees” and other Haitian customs fees. The situation felt pretty dim.

We met with the manager of the dealership, and he was surprised that we had started this process almost 5 years ago and didn’t get the truck. We explained the issues that had stopped the process, including a ministry partner’s non-profit status which had been suspended and stalled our ability to get the truck.

After the manager had few meetings with different staff members, he came back into his office where we were sitting.

He asked, “Do you want the same type of truck just brand new?”


“You need a 4×4 diesel dump truck?”


RoRo explained where we worked in southeast Haiti and why we needed it. The manager shuffled some papers and searched his computer.

“The next two 4×4 dump trucks coming in have already been purchased. You could have the next dump truck which would take 3 to 4 months to get.”

We said, “Okay, that sounds good!”

Next, the manager printed off a sheet of paper and explained that since it had been some time since the original quote and down payment that he had a new quote for us.

“Your $30K deposit is still intact. This is your new quote. Your price is $45,700 total, without taxes, and there are no other fees of any kind.”

RoRo and I kept our composure, but looked at each other with huge smiles because our original quote had been for $56,000. The new quote is $10,000 less than what we thought we would owe! 

And what we had believed would be a hassle of a process is as simple as paying the remaining balance! To God be the glory!

So, we need your prayers one more time for this dump truck as we raise the remaining $15,700 by the middle of May 2017. A recent gift leaves our need at $14,000. This dump truck will be a huge asset in helping with the Compressed Earth Block (CEB) manufacturing. And it will be a constant reminder of God’s able provision for our every need.

Why This Dump Truck Is Needed
Right now, we are keeping an aging (1980s model) dump truck and cattle truck alive to move materials and sometimes move people, too. If you have been to Haiti with us, you know that the roads are rough on our vehicles. Nearly every day, one of our vehicles is usually in need of some kind of repair. This truck will keep ministry moving forward!

This truck will be a work-horse on our campus and will be used for many purposes. It will haul construction and community development supplies, diesel for the generator, food to our schools, teams to work projects, and more!

Increasingly over the last few years, we thought we had lost this vehicle due to customs issues, but God has now opened the door for us to get this much-needed truck! We thank you for your prayers. We thank God for what he has done. And we ask you pray with us for these remaining funds to come in time! To God be the glory!

By The Numbers
Isuzu NPS1L Diesel Dump Truck 4×4

Total New Price: $45,700

Deposit Paid: $30,000

New Donations Received: $1,700

Balance Needed: $14,000

4/12/17 Update:
A total of $4,259 has been given toward this need!
Our new balance is $11,441.

5/5/17 Update:
Glory to God! The Dump Truck has been fully funded!
Thank you for your prayers and generosity!

Use this link to give. Choose “Construction” and put “dump truck” in the comments!

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*Any funds raised will go to pay for this truck. If funds are raised beyond the amount needed, the remaining funds will be used for other vehicle needs.

This is a stock photo of the dump truck.