First VBS in Kapotyer!

VBS is always fun in Haiti! In June, we had a chance to do one of the first Vacation Bible School programs in Kapotyer with a team from West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. They put together some great stories, crafts and game times.


The folks from Lindside Christian Church in West Virginia were especially excited for this opportunity because they helped build the addition of new school classrooms on to the church in early 2015. They were really looking forward to spending time with our kids again.


As we arrived in Peredo on Saturday, there were questions about how many kids we would have. We had no idea. We hadn’t done this with the church in Kapotyer before. Roro hoped we would have about 100 kids. Monday, we had 150 kids. Tuesday there were 200. And by Wednesday, we had 250 kids spilling out of the building!


The community came out to be involved as well. From the elders of the church to our school teachers, each one of them wanted to be there and help with the program! Many of our team came away more blessed than the children in that community. From Roro leading songs like “Papa Abraham” to Cindy teaching about King Jesus, it was an amazing time to partner with our friends in Kapotyer to the glory of God!

Enjoy this video of RoRo leading the kids in song!

And some other fun photos!

Frisbee_KapVBS16 Corey_LCCteam_Jun16



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John Elmore

July 8, 2016

Can we get his on the Haitian Christian Outreach Facebook page please? Thank you for all the updates.


July 11, 2016

Hey John, it will go out on Facebook after we send out eStories this week.