Hospital Update: Not our timing but His!

Not our timing, but His timing! This is a lesson we all continuously learn throughout our lifetime. Haiti seems to exemplify this more than any where in the world.

Last summer, we were all excited as the walls of Phase 2 of Peredo Community Hospital started to go up…the anticipation of finishing the building was as thick as the heat and humidity in the air. The matching campaign in August went really well and the end of the project seemed to be within reach!


Then, funding slowed down and stalled to almost a complete stop for the project. At the same time, the Haitian dollar crashed and hyperinflation increased all costs in country because of the fraudulent elections in October. The chaos of the stalled political process increased the inflation problem.

Just to give you a tangible example of how this has impacted construction: the Haitian dollar went from trading at 8:1 to 13:1 and cement went from $60 to $110 a bag over a 90-day period.

We prayed and asked you to pray. We all prayed for the elections as well as for the hospital project. God answered, and as He often does it was in a grand way through a very large individual donation at the end of April and another commitment from FAME.

We praise God for this amazing provision! As much as we can faithfully do our jobs to advance ministry – both here and in Haiti – it is always God who provides the increase!


On June 27, after some additional work on the design plans, RoRo and Eline gathered around the hospital building to pray with the workers, asking God for their safety and protection, as they started laying blocks again on the hospital.

We are excited to have 5 new courses laid, and we will be keeping you updated on the progress. You can often see photo updates on our Facebook page. Not our will but His will be done!

Thank you all for your prayers and for your financial gifts!


Jun16_PCHwalls Jul16_PCHwalls 5newcourses_Jul16