Free from Pain

A 35-year-old man had been suffering from lumbar and abdominal pain for four years, for which he had many unsuccessful consultations at various medical centers. Upon hearing about Peredo Community Hospital he came for a consultation where numerous kidney stones were discovered, including the largest lodged in the basin of his right kidney. After a successful surgery at PCH, all stones were removed and he is finally free from pain! What a blessing to be able to provide quality and compassionate care to those who seek healing.

Not only did this man receive the care he so desperately needed but he also received prayer and a glimpse at what peace in knowing Jesus brings. Through the doctors, nurses, and administrative staff at Peredo Community Hospital patients see a difference as they come seeking answers, clarity, and healing. The difference is a Christ centered hospital that cares about the health of their patients but also their salvation. Health care becomes a tool to evangelize and share the Good News of Jesus. Health care becomes a way to bring pain free days and a peace filled future.

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