Host a Classroom Sponsorship Day

Host a Classroom Sponsorship Day

You can do something in Haiti that will last by hosting a Classroom Sponsorship Day at your church or organization!

This is a special day for people to learn about our children and choose to take a seat in our classroom as a sponsor. Promote the special day a few weeks in advance so that people come prepared to participate.

HCO can provide a team to come share stories and encourage your church or organization. All we need is a date and a place to share the work God is doing in Haiti through our classrooms. It’s a wonderful way to encourage increased generosity and growth among your congregation or organization while doing something in Haiti that will last!

Classroom Sponsor gives $30/month to educate, evangelize, equip, empower, and encourage one of our 65 classrooms through HCO’s six Emmanuel Christian Schools.

Ready to get started?

Contact us at [email protected] or 217-778-6950 to discuss dates and make arrangements for your Classroom Sponsorship Day!