HCO Visual Historical Timeline

In April of 2025, Haitian Christian Outreach will celebrate 40 years of ministry in Haiti. We are already starting to think about how to journey together through the history of the mission as well as recognize our heroes on the ground and we STILL NEED YOUR HELP!!

In order to get a true sense of the faithfulness of God we would like to create a visual historical timeline of the mission over the past 40 years. This will include campus development, church growth, construction projects, teachers, pastors, doctors, community development, and so much more. We want to focus on our four key areas of ministry including Church Planting, Children, Health Care, and Community Development.

Here’s how you can help!

If you have traveled to Haiti with HCO in the past and have photos that would help us build a historical timeline of the work that has been done over the last 40 years, we’d love for you to share those photos with us.

1. Locate historical photos including construction projects showing the different phases of building on campus (church, school, dorms, hospital) and photos of our heroes on the ground in action preaching, teaching, on mobile clinics, providing medical treatment, praying over others, working, cooking, doing construction, etc. Think action shots! Please be sure to only include photos, which will help tell the story of HCO and share the history of the mission.

2. Date and label your photos. Include the year the picture was taken and what the picture includes. This is very important so we can catalog the pictures and keep all information accurate.

3. Load all photos onto a flash drive. If you have less than ten pictures you’d like to send you can simply email them to [email protected]. If you have a hard copy of a photo you wish to send, use your phone to take a picture of the hard copy and then load it onto a flash drive or email it to us. Please note flash drives will not be returned but kept for HCO’s historical records.

4. Mail the flash drive to our main office by May 31, 2022:
Haitian Christian Outreach
PO Box 6355
Kokomo, IN 46904

We are so excited to celebrate with you and look forward to seeing your wonderful photos showing the hands of God at work throughout the history of HCO. If you are interested in helping us create this special visual historical timeline please submit your photos via flash drive by May 31, 2022.