Making it Possible Through Partnerships

Partnership makes so much more possible when it comes to ministry in Haiti. At Haitian Christian Outreach, we praise God for the many ministry partners He has provided and put in our path to evangelize, equip, empower, and encourage our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Ascension St. Joseph Hospital in Tawas City, Michigan recently shared about their partnership with HCO.

This past year, Ascension St. Joseph Hospital updated its anesthesia equipment. Thanks to the efforts of associates Scott Spiridigliozzi, CRNA, and Velda Jennett, a manager with The Resource Group, they were able to make arrangements for the older, but still functional, anesthesia equipment to be donated to Haiti’s Peredo Community Hospital.

With healthcare being a significant need in Haiti, Peredo Community Hospital is a critical part of the work of HCO. Located in a region of nearly one million underserved Haitians, many people have to walk long distances to receive medical care. Some people walk over four hours to reach the hospital.

“Our ability to repurpose functional medical equipment for use at Peredo Community Hospital in Haiti aligns with Ascension’s Mission and Values to provide access to healthcare to those in need,” says Shane Hunt, Administrator, Ascension St. Joseph Hospital. “Across Ascension, we provide a healthcare safety net for millions of people who might otherwise go without healthcare, particularly those who are poor and vulnerable. Partnering with organizations like HCO allows us to help improve the health of individuals and communities beyond the walls of our hospital, locally as well as globally. We are proud that this medical equipment has renewed purpose in Haiti and will benefit many who need surgical care.”

In partnership with HCO, Peredo Community Hospital has grown to a staff of 30 Haitian medical professionals. Through their efforts, they are addressing the needs of the region by providing quality medical care in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, labor and delivery, orthopedics, urology, laboratory, pharmacy and general medical services. The donation of the anesthesia equipment from Ascension St. Joseph Hospital further enhances their ability to provide surgical services to those in need.

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