Health Care

Health Care

Health care in Haiti continues to be a tremendous need. Consider:

• 2 doctors per every 10,000 Haitian patients
• 1 out of 8 Haitian children die from preventable diseases
• 60% of Haitians lack access to basic healthcare
• 63% of babies are delivered without a midwife or doctor

Peredo Community Hospital is delivering hope and helping to address these huge needs by providing quality medical care in the following areas:

  • OB/GYN

Our location in the community of Peredo, the southeast region of Haiti, is near 1 MILLION underserved Haitians. Many patients walk long distances, some over 4 hours, to receive care from our compassionate and well-equipped staff. We have grown to 40 Haitian medical professionals staffing the hospital.

In 2016, PCH saw over 3,600 patients. In 2017, that number grew to around 5,000 patients and continues to grow with 10,222 patient consultations in 2020! Anemia, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, and hypertension are some of the most diagnosed illnesses our doctors and nurses treat.

In 2017, we added 24/7 birthing services, including an OB doctor, nurses, and midwife staff, PCH has seen a rise in routine prenatal care that results in hospital births. Right away, we had 8 babies born, including one set of twins, with an additional 17 women in early-pregnancy prenatal care that delivered their babies at PCH. Babies continue to be born, and we are grateful we can provide pre-/post-natal care and hospital births for these mamas.

In 2018, construction continued on Phase II of PCH to prepare the Surgical Center for full use while our medical staff continued providing excellent care. In total, PCH provided:

  • 6,078 patient exams
  • 7,531 lab tests, ultrasounds, vaccinations & other procedures
  • 14,059 total medical services

In April of 2019, our first surgical suite was completed and doctors performed the first surgeries.

  • 211 surgeries were performed in 2019
  • 267 babies were born in 2019
  • 8,511 patient consultations at PCH in 2019

In 2020, we were pleased to add a Dental Program and licensed dentist to the list of services offered at the hospital. Phase III of the Surgical Center also began in 2020 and includes the second story of the surgical wing which consists of recovery rooms, conference rooms, and housing for medical professional guests.

  • 364 surgeries performed in 2020
  • 436 babies born in 2020
  • 10,222 patient consultations in 2020

Short-term medical teams work alongside our Haitian medical staff to provide various services and procedures. Teams also help us host mobile medical clinics to bring health care to more rural areas and encourage community members to visit the hospital when health needs arise.

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