Hope Changes Everything

There is an old Haitian proverb that states: “Beyond the mountains are more mountains.” Although most of Haiti consists of mountains, the proverb reflects the Haitian view that beyond current problems lie others.

When thinking about the many difficulties Haiti has endured this year, it’s quite overwhelming. The year began with continued protests and a lack of government stability. By March, the worldwide pandemic hit, further shutting down daily aspects of life. In September, Haiti saw Tropical Storm Laura rip through causing damage from high winds and flooding. Most recently, the Haitian government devalued the U.S. dollar by almost half, creating a desperate situation for Haitians.

There’s no denying that life in Haiti is difficult. RoRo and Eline will be the first to tell you living and serving in Haiti aren’t easy but there’s always hope!

There are many things that can discourage us in Haiti. You can even have money and you cannot function. And if you don’t have money it’s even worse. But for example, when we are on campus and you see people bringing sick people to the hospital, people that we think will never make it, and then after three days you see that person walking away going home and you say wow, there is hope! When you see kids coming to school, kids graduating, and kids go to college, and you see what they become because of the work, these are things that keep us going.” -Eline

When I see young men that I’ve trained who are now pastors who are now having two, three, or four churches they are leading, those are things from the get-go that we wanted to do. And I see that the dream we had in doing something for Haiti that will last is a reality.” -RoRo

Hope changes everything! It allows you to keep going when things get difficult. When the mountains keep coming and things get too difficult to do on your own. This is why RoRo and Eline always depend on God to provide.

If (you look) for the (Haitian) government for what you want to do, for them to help you move forward, we wouldn’t. But thank God we’re not depending on government. We’re depending on God who is always on our side and always brings us joy in seeing people that we have helped and how their lives are being changed.” -RoRo

Hope comes in many forms but ultimately hope is a gift from God. At Haitian Christian Outreach, we give hope each day through evangelizing, equipping, empowering, and encouraging our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Because beyond the mountain, there is hope!

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23

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