Grateful for Peredo Community Hospital

All year, we have seen an increase in patient consultations at Peredo Community Hospital (PCH). The hospital is an incredible resource to the community. PCH is not only serving those in the Peredo community but hundreds of communities in the Southeast region of Haiti, serving a population near 1 million Haitians. More than 400 babies have been born so far this year and our surgeons have performed more than 300 surgeries. When we see the work the hospital is doing, we cannot help but thank God for his faithfulness and provision.

As more and more people are coming to the hospital seeking treatment and answers, they are also finding compassionate and professional care where no one is turned away. Many patients have even made a trip back to the hospital not to seek care but to personally share their thanks and gratitude.

Eline recently shared about one of these accounts. After putting in a long day at the hospital, Eline headed back to her apartment to take a break and asked the staff to let her rest. However, shortly after, a nurse came to the apartment to let Eline know a young lady was at the hospital asking for her. Eline returned to the hospital where the young lady said, “I came here just to thank you.” Eline wasn’t sure what the young lady was talking about because she didn’t remember helping her. The young lady said, Yes, I came here, I was about to die. I came with my parents. I didn’t have any money to buy any things. No money at all to buy even an aspirin. And you said go ahead. You told the people in the hospital to go ahead and give me all the cares that I need and to take care of me and they did. And today I came back. I feel so grateful, I came back just to thank you.” Eline said this was a God thing and an encouragement that helps her to keep going.

RoRo also shared about a time a family came back to thank him for taking care of them. The government hospital in Jacmel often brings patients to Peredo Community Hospital because they cannot take care of them. One evening a couple of weeks ago they brought a family of six or seven members who were very sick. PCH was able to take care of them. Last week one of the men came back to thank RoRo for keeping his family at PCH instead of sending them elsewhere for care.

We are beyond grateful for the resources that Peredo Community Hospital provides to the Southeast region of Haiti. PCH is delivering hope and helping to address the critical needs of health care in Haiti by providing quality medical care in areas such as pediatrics, OB/GYN, labor and delivery, orthopedic, urology, laboratory, surgery, pharmacy, radiology, emergency and medical services, and dental services. What a blessing! As we see hundreds of patients each month, we praise God for his mission being fulfilled.

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Carol Remington

November 29, 2020

Praise the Lord for the many people who ae being helped at Peredo Community Hospital. We pray for the staff and all involved every day. God bless!!