Hurricane Matthew Update: Oct8

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Thanks for your patience as we have gotten more updates from RoRo out to you!

Friday-Saturday (October 7-8) update – photos are below!

  • All of the roads around camp are impassable, so RoRo has not been able to visit Kapotyer, Seguin, or Grand Bois yet.
  • We have some repair work needed at our school in Grand Bois. Ro talked with our Principal, Marcelin on Friday. The roof for the student latrines has been blown off. The classrooms are flooded.
  • Ro, Pastor Jacqueline, and our staff have continued visiting people and meeting needs. (last photo below)
  • The first photo below (left) is of a house in Savande Bwa Dis that was brought down by Matthew and is now a pile of sticks. This was home to a mother and her 9 children.
  • The second photo below (right) is of a mother who had two fingers nearly severed in the storm. She was treated at our hospital. Please pray for her and her children.
  • The third photo is a home that was completely emptied by Matthew. The people who lived there were saved by some neighbors who caught them in the water as they were being swept away.

Every time we talk to Ro, he expresses his gratitude for your prayers. We are passing along any notes we receive to encourage him as well.

If you would like to give to Hurricane Relief efforts:

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homedestroyedmatthew_mom9kids_10-7-16   momseveredfingers_10-7-16

houseemptiedpeoplesaved_10-7-16 ropastjvisiting_10-7-16



One Response to “Hurricane Matthew Update: Oct8

  • Prayers continue for our brothers and sisters in Haiti!! our hearts ache for your losses, but God is good and Psalm 91 is His promise to us as believers! Miss all of you and continue praying and urging others to pray for you !!!! love, jill