Hurricane Matthew Update: Oct6

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Mud is the theme of today’s update. Ro, Eline, Dr. Jackie, Pastor Jacqueline, Jean Bernard, Elvinia, Jimmy, and even Leo the dog have been out in the community continuing to minister to those impacted by Hurricane Matthew, inspecting flooded homes, and organizing clean up.

Our joy is in seeing neighbors who are helping neighbors. This is something RoRo has preached and taught in Peredo for a long time, and it’s encouraging to see the seeds he’s planted come to fruition!

Here’s what we know today. Photos & video are below:

  • Today’s work was focused on Savande Bwa Dis, a part of Peredo that is directly south of campus near the ocean.
  • Homes have been flooded and are full of mud.
  • Our team has helped with cleaning out muddy and flooded homes.
  • Dr. Jackie’s wife weathered the storm in PAP. They had flooding but all are okay.
  • Pastor Jacqueline’s family was kept safe through the storm.
  • Jimmy has been helping. He told RoRo: “This is give back time for me.”
  • Our team helped Mr. Almonor clean out his house that was full of mud. Eline and Elvinia encouraged Mrs. Almonor. They went back to camp to get a new mattress for them and Eline fixed up their bed with fresh, clean sheets.
  • Essentially everyone in Peredo has lost their gardens. Food is going to be a primary need moving forward.
  • Your Hurricane Relief donations are being sent to purchase rice, beans, oil, and soap for families.
  • We are partnering with Lifeline Christian Mission, 2|42 Community Church (MI), and others for a food packing event that will send a container of food to HCO to meet needs.
  • We are formulating a short-term and long-range plan to meet the needs we are identifying in the community.

cleanup_10-6-15   neighborshelpingneighbors_10-6-16 mralmonoroutsidehome_10-6-16   elineleomrsalmonor_10-6-16 mattressmralmonor_10-6-16   mattressfromcampmralmonor_10-6-16 elineelviniamralmonor_10-6-16   mralmonorcleanbed_10-6-16

Internet has been slow and spotty, so Ro has been sending short video clips. We put them together for you to see some of the team in action.

If you would like to help:

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