Hurricane Matthew Update: Oct5

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RoRo and Eline spent today (10/5) out in the community, assessing needs and encouraging people. These are the updates and photos from today.

Email from RoRo this morning:
It is 6:15 AM. But it feels as if it 10:00 PM. The only thing that is missing are the stars in the sky. It is so dark. No sign of the sun. This is not a good sign. But we are praying that for things to change.

The wind is still blowing strong, and more banana trees are down. As we are experiencing the damages that Matthew left behind, we are also thinking about the hundreds of people who have lost all of the things they owned. As I am writing this, I could hear the cries of some people calling for help coming from the back of the clinic. It seems that more water is flowing inside other homes. I have to go and see what is going on. I will get back to you. Though the wind is strong, Eline and I have to go see. Please pray for us and the people.

Other Updates

  • We have over 30 people staying on our campus, seeking dry shelter. They have been displaced by the storm, either having lost or damaged homes and lost possessions. They are hungry and in need of encouragement.
  • We know of three homes along the ocean road between Caye Jacmel and Marigot that were swept into the ocean during the storm.
  • Ro and Eline have calculated that – with current prices – $1000 US will allow them to prepare 100 food kits with rice, beans and vegetable oil. Each kit will feed a family. This is an urgent need.
  • At this time, the roads are so bad – wet and flooded – that our team is only able to get around the community by foot. People are able to cross the river on foot via the partially completed bridge. But, there will be no vehicle traffic for a while.

Please continue to pray!

  • Continue to pray the joy of the Lord will be our strength!
  • Pray for stamina for Ro, Eline, and our staff. They have not slept well due to the storm. It’s exhausting getting around in the wet, mud, and water. And it’s emotionally difficult to see so many hurting.
  • Pray for comfort for those affected. Because it keeps raining, determining needs and delivering relief will take longer than we would like. It’s been raining since Sunday afternoon, and people are tired of fighting this storm, being wet, out of routine, etc.
  • Pray that God leads our team to discover all the needs.
  • Pray that God equips us to meet the needs we find – spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially.

We have received about $2,100 in Hurricane Relief donations so far. Please give as you are led! We will be transferring money to Ro on Thursday to begin purchasing food.

Give to Hurricane Relief Now

Like you, we are anxious to see the people and community we love with our own eyes. In our instant and digital world, we are all seeing so much reported on the news, and we want to see Peredo and Kapotyer and Grand Bois and other well-loved places. Ro is taking photos and video to show the destruction and need. However, internet speed is very slow and spotty, and he has not been able to send all that he has taken. We will share what he can send as soon as we receive it. Thank you for your patience!

These are the photos we have received:

  • The road behind the clinic is flooded.
  • Ro & Eline have been visiting church members and delivering help and encouragement.
  • They encouraged an older woman as she sat in her straw home helplessly watching the mud cover all of her possessions.
  • They have been meeting people who have lost everything they own. (woman in pink scarf)

behindclinic_10-5-16   elineassessingdamage_10-5-16rowalking_10-5-16 elineflooding_10-5-16   womanhousemud_10-5-16


Give to Hurricane Relief Now

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