Infant Care Kit Instructions

Infant Care Kits are a make and/or collect project for individuals and groups to help new mamas welcome their precious babies born at Peredo Community Hospital.

If you like to make, sew, or collect items to help our friends in Haiti, this is a great project for you. Infant Care Kits can be assembled by individuals, groups, churches, or sewing clubs. As the number of babies born at Peredo Community Hospital continues to rise, Infant Care Kits are a great way to combine your talents and resources to meet needs of new mamas!

This blog contains our general instructions, as well as several photos, tips, item-by-item instructions, and ideas. Check out our Sewing Infant Kit Items blog for tips from Arin, Jennifer, and Anna’s experience sewing some items for our sample kits.

Please read to the end before you begin assembling kits! 

Infant Care Kit items

2 lightweight cotton T-shirts       size can be 6-24 months

2 gowns or sleepers                     no feet, long or short sleeve

4 cloth diapers                              not waterproof*

2-4 diaper pins

4 cloth wipes/washcloths

2 bars of gentle soap                  4-5 oz. or bath size, in original packaging

2 pairs of baby socks

1 burp cloth/hand towel

1-2 receiving blankets                up to 36” square, cotton, flannel, crochet or knit
                                                       with lightweight yarn

Making vs. Buying Items
Items can be handmade, gently used*, or purchased. Whichever you choose, please provide items that fit our listed requirements. If you love to sew, make as much as you’d like. If you don’t sew, have fun shopping! Get others involved. Many hands make light work!

Make it a gift for someone really special. Everything in the kit should be nice enough you would be proud to give it to your own children or grandchildren to wear/use.

*If including gently used items, please follow these requirements:

  • Freshly laundered
  • No stains, fading, or excessive wear.
  • The item has a lot of use/life left in it.
  • The item is not outdated, style-wise.

Of course, some items will have to be purchased

Partial Kits vs. Full Kits
We are only able to accept completed kits that are ready to go to new mamas in Haiti. If you are unable to complete the kit(s) on your own, we encourage you to partner with another group or church to complete the kit(s).

T-shirts vs. Onesies & Feet vs. No Feet
While onesies and footed sleepers are much more common for mamas to use in the U.S., T-shirts and gowns without feet allow the clothing items to fit longer as the baby grows. Please be sure to only include T-shirts and gowns/sleepers without feet.

Boy vs. Girl?
You can customize the items in your kit for a baby boy or a baby girl. Or, include items in colors that would work for either boys or girls.

What pattern should I use?
Pinterest and the internet are full of cute patterns for sleepers, gowns, diapers, reusable cloth wipes, receiving blankets, and burp cloths/towels. Be creative, but be sure to follow our requirements for items!

What is the best fabric or yarn?
Light to medium-weight cottons, flannels or yarn is best. Avoid heavy fabrics and yarns as they can make for hot clothing and blankets. Terry cloth is a nice option for the burp cloth/hand towel.

Why do you ask for diapers that are not waterproof?
Waterproof diapers and/or covers can trap moisture and heat which can lead to diaper rash in Haiti’s tropical climate.

There are MANY different kinds of cloth diapers – fabrics, closures, designs, handmade, store-bought, inserts, covers, etc. Understand that it is not unusual for Haitian women to use regular cloth diapers without a cover and fasten them with pins. We ask the diapers are new and not waterproof.

Can I add extra items?
We prefer that the kits contain only the items listed. All items must fit into a 2-gallon zip top bag.

What do I do when the kit is complete?

  • Place all items for one kit in a 2-gallon zip top bag.
  • If you are near Kokomo, please contact us to arrange drop off.
  • If you have a team going to Haiti, you can pack them in your checked luggage. Please let us know how many you are taking.
  • Or, ship them to us at Haitian Christian Outreach, PO Box 6355, Kokomo, IN 46904.

You can download a PDF of the instructions below here: Infant Care Kit Instructions.

Questions? Contact us!