Join us in Haiti!

We love hosting short-term teams in Peredo! In 2016, we will host 13 short-term mission teams from 10 different states.

While many of our teams come during the summer, we have already enjoyed getting to know people from Walker Baptist (GA), Northside CC (OH), Hillsboro CC (MO), Lincoln Christian University (IL), Rocklane CC (IN), Sherwood Oaks CC (IN), and Celebration CC (OH). These teams served in February, March, April, and May.

Our summer and fall teams are coming from Kentucky Country Day School (KY), Lindside CC (WV), New York Institute of Technology (NY), Orrville CC (OH), Hillsboro CC (2nd team!), Macomb CC (MI), and Crossroads CC (KS).

What do these teams do?

  • Worship with our churches
  • Work in the hospital
  • Help complete construction/repair projects
  • Host VBS activities
  • Carry block for the hospital
  • Paint mural panels
  • Try to match soccer skills with the Haitians
  • Teach children art & craft projects
  • Shoot hoops on the basketball course
  • Visit Kapotyer, Seguin, and/or Grand Bois schools
  • Try new foods
  • Ride in the cattle truck
  • Visit the market and the beach
  • Play with the school children
  • Pray with, encourage, and make friends with those they meet!

If you would ask each team member, I’m sure they would add many more things to the list of things of special memories they made while serving. That’s the great thing about a short-term trip — the way God uniquely speaks to you and uses you, both individually and as a teammate.

We would love to have you join us! In fact, our 2017 schedule has started filling up already. If you would like to learn more about serving in Haiti with us or would like to start planning a trip, contact Cameron.

We love it when teams share their photos! If you have photos you’d like to share with us, contact Jennifer. In the meantime, enjoy some of these team photos from 2015 & 2016!

Becky_stethoscope Northside_Peredo class Phil-Amy_hygiene Misty_Barb_prayer LebanonCC_parachute Hillsboro_kids-block Misty_Courtney_hair AmyN_girl MarkN_basketball