A Life Changed

Lano has known RoRo since 1995. He was one of the workers who was hired to help build Emmanuel Christian Church of Seguin.

Lano was always a good worker. He often worked with Americans as they came to work on the church in Seguin or other projects. Lano was also a good drinker. Thursdays are market day in Seguin. And for Lano, it was always a party day. At some point on Thursdays, he would be passed out cold.

Whenever RoRo saw Lano, he would share the Gospel with him. Lano never seemed interested.

Recently, RoRo learned that Lano has given his life to Christ! RoRo told him that he needed to share the testimony of what God has done in his life. “Tell people who you were and who you are now and where you are going because of Jesus!” said RoRo.


RoRo invited him to Emmanuel Christian Church in Peredo to give his testimony for the first time. The congregation was supportive and inspired. They prayed for him in an extended worship service.

Lano still lives in Seguin and is now active in our church there. This summer he plans to go to La Gonave to share Jesus with even more people!