My parents’ love has flourished for over 40 years, inspiring others. In 1980, they went to the US to find better chances. After graduating, they returned to Haiti, where I was lucky to be reared in their affection. My parents have had a profound and fundamental bond for 41 years. Their grace in handling issues and communicating openly sets them distinct. I’m grateful they rarely dispute and work through problems together, strengthening their love and dedication.

My parents adore each other and humanity. Their marriage is shaped by their lifelong missionary work in Haiti. Their altruism and constant dedication to others fostered compassion and service in me, shaping my character. My parents sacrificed a lot. Their commitment to their mission and the people they serve outweighs personal goals. They have faced many obstacles and sacrificed comfort to help others. Their deep love for each other drives their mission.

Their incredible love story has changed their lives and countless others. My siblings and I were nurtured in a loving home that stressed compassion, understanding, and empathy. Their love has guided us to see the beauty in everyone and support the less fortunate. True love endures, as my parents’ love has. Respect, support, and a common goal underpin it. They prove that love can survive life’s challenges and become stronger. Their story shows true love—love that crosses borders, overcomes barriers, and inspires others. Their love has encouraged me to build deep relationships and put others before myself.

In conclusion, my parents’ 41-year love is a testament to lifelong love. They endured many hardships in Haiti and the US. However, their unbreakable friendship, built in love, respect, and a common purpose, has carried them onward, allowing them to impact others meaningfully. Their love has defined their tale and left an indelible mark on those who witnessed it.

-Karl Eustache

Would you join us in honoring Pas and Madam Pas by celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary throughout the month of June? There are several ways to honor this beautiful couple this month! Here are a few: 

  • Send a card! If you would like to send an anniversary card, you can do so by sending it to our main office in Kokomo, Indiana. At the end of the month, we will be certain to provide these to RoRo and Eline!

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 On behalf of RoRo and Eline, thank you for your continued support, encouragement and prayers!