Peredo Campus Manager

RoRo first met Marcus Corn in summer 2007 when they both served at Rainbow Christian Camp (now The Ark Christian Ministries). Ro was the camp’s summer missionary, and Marcus was the Maintenance Manager. They got to know each other well, and Ro saw what a gift Marcus has for working in a Christian campus environment.

Then, in 2014, they reconnected at ICOM. Marcus had married Arin, a teacher at Oak Hill High School, in 2011, and they both felt God was calling them to serve in Haiti.marcus-arin-maverick_2016

In 2016, Marcus had several discussions with Cameron and took two trips to Peredo to spend time with RoRo and Cameron together. It was clear that Marcus was a perfect fit for the role we need to fill in Haiti as Peredo Campus Manager.

marcus1 marcus2After several changes since 2014, including the passing of Toto Desirae, RoRo stepped up to fill several gaps, including managing the Peredo campus. Campus management has, at times, taken away from RoRo’s first calling — evangelizing and planting churches. With Marcus filling the role of Peredo Campus Manager, Ro will be more free to continue to plant more churches, disciple our leaders, and share with new believers.

Marcus and Arin share a deep love for RoRo, Eline, HCO, and the Haitian people. They are approaching this role from a position of humility and service. Marcus understands the vision of HCO, knowing that the mission’s role is to empower and equip. Marcus and Arin are eager to be under the authority and direction of RoRo and Eline, supporting their vision of doing something for Haiti that will last.

As Peredo Campus Manager, Marcus will support and direct the development and operation of campus. He will oversee all aspects of campus, host short-term teams, and coordinate community development efforts.

Marcus and Arin will be raising the support for this position. The Ark has generously invited them to be the camp’s summer missionaries to support their fundraising efforts. As soon as the funds are raised for this position, the Corns will move to Haiti with their two sons, Maverick and Pierson, hopefully by late 2017.

All of us at HCO are excited for what God is doing with this position and in the lives of Marcus and Arin! We look forward to seeing how He will provide the support for this position and how he will use them to do something for Haiti that will last!