Grand Bois Hurricane Damage

Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Matthew hit, our team was able to visit and do a food distribution. Pulling into the parking area at the church and school in Grand Bois, things look and seem pretty “normal.” Then, looking up the hill at the bathrooms, it’s quickly obvious there really aren’t bathrooms left now. The roof, part of the walls, and 2 of the 4 doors were ripped off during Hurricane Matthew. These are before and after photos:

Grand Bois restrooms in October 2014
Grand Bois restrooms in October 2014
Restrooms in Grand Bois, October 2016.
Grand Bois restrooms in October 2016

Stepping into our classroom area next to the church building, the line where the mud had been is obvious. As we talked with the principal, he told us about the seven inches of mud that had come in through the tin walls that have been put up. They have spent many days trying to clean it out, with some success.

RoRo tells us all of the animals the school children’s families had were killed – their goats and pigs. All of the plantations were destroyed. In addition to the food distribution, HCO is helping farmers replant their crops.

Also, we are sending supplies up the mountain to repair the bathrooms and put new tin on the outside of the classrooms until we can raise enough money to build the school building in Grand Bois. Your Hurricane Matthew donations make these repairs possible.

Please pray for the students, families, and teachers as they rebuild their lives after the hurricane.