Electrocuted After Hurricane Matthew

As difficult as it is to see the home and crop damage done by Hurricane Matthew, there are other dangers in the aftermath of a storm that are less visible. On the day of the food distribution in Savanne du Bois, Ro, Eline, our staff, and a team were able to help in just such a situation.

As they were driving back to camp, RoRo saw a motorcycle with three people on it. They were waving for him to stop. If you’ve been to Haiti, you know it is not uncommon to see several people on a moto. But, these people were looking for help.

Their friend, Sanotte, had just been electrocuted by a live wire that was still on the ground from the storm. It had been broken by the same wind that destroyed so many nearby banana fields.

Ro and the team were able to get the woman to Peredo Community Hospital where Dr. Jackie, Elvinia, and Eline attended to her.


RoRo sent this photo with the caption: “Here she is now. Bravo, Dr. Jackie! Please pray for her.”


We are grateful to God that he put Ro and the team in the path of Sanotte’s friends at just the right time. We are grateful that our hospital facility and staff were available to treat her medical needs. And we continue to pray for Sanotte and all of those who continue to rebuild their lives after Hurricane Matthew.