Thyotte’s Home

Just south of Peredo is the community of Savanne du Bois. RoRo, Eline, and our staff spent a lot of time there in the days following Hurricane Matthew as this oceanside community had damage and need. RoRo has been working closely with the community leaders in this area to provide help such as a food distribution and rebuilding homes.

Early on a rainy day a couple of weeks after Hurricane Matthew hit, RoRo had the guys pull a PET cart out of storage. He said we had someone to visit when the rain slowed down.


In the early afternoon, we walked along an adequate duct in Savanne du Bois with RoRo to a small area where it seemed like someone might have lived. The thatch roof looked like it had covered a small shack at one time. Now, though the just door frame was still standing, and the roof was falling down. Just as we arrived, the rain started to pick up again.



RoRo walked up to the makeshift dwelling with some of the local leaders so they could sit and talk to Thyotte (pronounced TEE-oht). Thyotte is 60 years old, and over the last 20 years he has lost both of his legs and a few of his fingers to different illnesses.


Thyotte has lived in this little place for the last 10 years. It’s small, but it’s been his home and the place that has kept him dry in the rain. When Hurricane Matthew hit, the back end of his shelter fell down, leaving his living space even smaller.

As we talked, the guys pulled the PET cart up to the house, and Ro showed Thyotte how to use it. For the first time in 20 years, he did not have to drag his body through the dirt in Savanne du Bois to get around. RoRo and the community leaders also decided that some of HCO’s Hurricane Relief funds would go to rebuild his home, providing a better place for him to live.




RoRo shared his thoughts about Thyotte’s difficult living conditions:

We praise God for RoRo and the community leaders who identified his needs and are encouraging and ministering to Thyotte. Now, he has a way to get around his village, and his home will be rebuilt. We are grateful for God’s direction and your generosity and partnership that is making it happen! We will post updates as we receive them.

See more about how HCO is meeting Hurricane Matthew needs.

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