Seguin & Grand Bois: Hurricane Matthew Relief

Today, RoRo, Eline, our Haitian team, and 7 Americans traveled the long road to Grand Bois and Seguin. The first noticeable sign of Hurricane Matthew was evident in the road to the mountain. The erosion has left the road at least 50% worse than normal. For those who have travelled this road – this is hard to imagine!

As the team headed up, it was easy to see the normal abundance of crops just weren’t there. Many crops have been washed away, and other fields have been hurt from the wind and rain.

cropdamage_seguin_10-19-16When the team arrived in Grand Bois, they talked with the principal. He showed them videos of the 7 inches of mud that had flowed through the ancillary school building at the height of the storm. When we have enough wifi on campus – or when the team returns to the States – we hope to be able to share these videos!

There were many more people that needed food than we had the ability to serve. Ro and Pastor Oxy led the group in worship and prayer before heading out to Seguin.


roelinefood_10-19-16By the time we arrived in Seguin, half of the church was filled with people needing food. It was raining, and we quickly unloaded all the food kits into the church and talked with the church leaders. Ro prayed over the group. Then, the Seguin church leaders organized the crowd and began dispersing the food. There were many discussions about the need for more food, tin to repair roofs, and seeds for the farmers. Thank you for helping us meet these needs and many others.

Tomorrow, the team will do another distribution in Kapotyer.

Please continue to pray!

  • For our church leaders who are on the front lines of helping the people in their communities
  • For RoRo and Eline as they coordinate relief efforts
  • For our team members who have a few more days to serve
  • For those who are hungry, may they be fed both food for the body and food for the soul
  • For wisdom and guidance as we continue to meet needs