Peredo Youth Conference

On October 17, in the midst of the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, Haiti celebrated their annual observance of Jean-Jacques Dessalines (Dessalines Day). On this day, businesses and schools close to honor Dessalines who is known as one of the founding fathers of Haiti. He helped lead the country to independence in 1804. It’s similar to the US holiday of Washington’s birthday.

The leaders of the church in Peredo took the observance of this day as an opportunity to host a day-long youth conference. Led by Pastor Jaquelin, Jean Robert, Dr. Jackie, and Onys, they invited the young people from five churches and had over 100 youth in attendance.

It was a great day of learning about a biblical approach to living life. There were lessons on everything from politics to how to live in biblical relationships with the opposite sex. There was a significant emphasis on what God’s Word taught on subjects that related to their daily living. The conference was challenging and encouraging to everyone involved, and it is another way God is using the church in Peredo to change lives.