Pointing to the Glory of God

We asked all of our Summer 2016 interns to share something from their experience with all of you. This is from Elaine Davis. Enjoy!

This summer changed my life for the better. Haiti is a wonderful and broken place. In one glimpse you see the glory of God and the love of His children, and in the very next you see devastation and defiance. Spending two months in Haiti forced me to reflect on my faith and the actions I take to follow that out.


I want to be a Christian who loves God and His people unconditionally, regardless of my situation, continuously spreading the hope of God’s Word. That is something I was able to see example after example of this summer.

  • Children taking home portions of their lunch from Vacation Bible School in order to share with other family members at home.
  • Church members sacrificing their time and comfort for early morning, door to door evangelism.
  • RoRo and others giving up so much of themselves and their lives to whole-heartedly follow the call of God in their lives and changing the nation of Haiti for Christ.
  • The hospital staff sacrificing time with loved ones in order to work in Peredo and serve the community.


Haiti broke down my walls until I was more vulnerable than ever before. Vulnerability is such a beautifully uncomfortable situation to be in. That feeling of defenselessness is terrifying and unnerving. But the beauty that comes from persevering and seeking God for your lacking is totally and completely uplifting.

This life is hard. There are times you will feel broken and battered and question why on earth God would plan this for your life; you see situations like that countlessly in Haiti. When looking at the hardships of life and when seeing a completely different view of hardships like the people of Haiti face day after day, you have to remember one thing. The trials we face on this earth serve a purpose: to point to the glory of God.

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Joyce Roberts

September 8, 2016

Elaine, Doug and I have never forgotten your sweetness and spirit when we traveled to Haiti with you and the other girls from Lincoln several years ago. We were so excited that you were chosen as a summer intern. May God continue to bless you in whatever way He sees fit to use you in the future. Keep your eyes on Him and enjoy the beauty only He can show you. Lots of love and hugs, Joyce & Doug