PRAY FOR HAITI – April 2019

Pray With Us – April 2019

You, Lord, are our light and our salvation. You are the stronghold of our lives. (Ps. 27:1-2)

Praise God for His Son Jesus! Let’s all join together to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and the hope of eternity with Him this month!

Praise God for the biomedical team that served in March. Equipment was installed, and the staff received training on digital X-ray. This team was instrumental in making sure PCH will be ready to perform surgery.

Praise God for 15 new child sponsors in March. We praise God for the generosity of His people that meet the needs of His people!

Praise God for our 2019 Summer Interns. We had a great retreat weekend in March, getting to know them, training and preparing them for a summer of service. If you are on a 2019 team, you will be blessed by Logan, Jorja, and Rebecca!

Praise God that Haiti remains peaceful. It is a blessing that regular life and activities are continue as normal. There are many needs to meet and many things to be done!

Praise God that RoRo was able to pray over the inauguration of the Peredo Police Station. We are thankful for these men and women who protect and serve the community.

One thing we ask of You, Lord, and one thing we seek: that we may dwell in the house of You, Lord, all the days of our lives. (Ps. 27:4)

Pray for our April surgical team. Megan Schreiber will be leading a team from Northpointe Surgical Suites (Zanesville, OH) on April 6. This long-anticipated team will perform the first surgeries at the Peredo Community Hospital Surgical Center. May the bring the hope of true healing in Christ with them as they provide physical healing as well!

Pray for our pastors as they lead believers into deeper relationship with Jesus. May they boldly and clearly proclaim the Word of God as they encourage, challenge, and disciple people to take a next step in their faith! May communities and individuals be transformed to be more like Jesus!

Pray for Logan, Jorja, and Rebecca. Our 2019 Summer Interns will arrive in Haiti on May 30. Pray for them as they finish their college classes this semester. Also, pray as they prepare – their hearts, minds and bodies for service – and to leave family and friends for the summer. May God use them to glorify Him this summer!

Continue to pray for the Haitian people, spiritually, politically and economically. Please join us in praying for peace and wise resolutions to the many issues they are facing. May the people find true hope and provision through a relationship with Jesus Christ! And may those in powerful positions lead in such a way that brings lasting positive change to the people and country we all love so much.

And pray with us for Every Child this month: