Our Dedicated Grand Bois Principal

There is a slender, tall man who works up on the mountain near Grand Bois, Haiti. His name is Maselin, and he carries himself with dignity and authority. Often, from the road you can easily spot him in his white suit as he walks the property of Emmanuel Christian School of Grand Bois.

Maselin is our principal and has served with HCO since the school opened in November 2011. If there is one thing that we know about Maselin, it is that he loves the kids and teachers of the school deeply. Regularly, he goes out of his way to communicate the need for more resources for this remote rural school. With over 350 students jammed into the church and lean-to school buildings, the ECS Grand Bois staff does their best every day to give these children a solid, God-centered education.

Maselin goes the extra mile (or two!), literally, for his staff and kids as he has to walk to school every day almost 2 hours one-way over very tough terrain. He’s also taken advantage of every opportunity available to learn more, including participating in our Teach to Transform course. Maselin learned how to provide basic healthcare to his school kids and community, including learning how to birth babies.

You may only catch a glimpse of Maselin’s smile once in awhile, but his love is evident and felt among the staff and student. A faithful servant of God, we are blessed to have Maselin guide the work of Emmanuel Christian School of Grand Bois!