Meeting Sponsored Children in Haiti

Our child sponsors love getting to connect with their child while serving on a short-term trip with us. We’ve had several joyful moments watching children and sponsors meet for the very first time, and we’d like to share some of those special moments with you! And some of our sponsors have also shared what being a sponsor means to them.

If you are planning on serving on an upcoming short-term trip with HCO and you’d like to start sponsoring a child that you can meet on your trip – or if you’d just like to support a child each month, you can set that up today! Become a child sponsor

Loren Roberts – sponsors 4 children
Here are three of the four children I sponsor. It was wonderful to actually see the children I pray for every morning along with all God’s children in the Emmanuel Christian Schools. These children are the hope of Haiti’s future.
Joel Cameron – sponsors 1 child
My children and I decided to spread the love and sponsor this young girl and help her through school. Talking with her, she wants to be a doctor. Hopefully we can stay connected and assist her with her dreams.
Elaine Wall – sponsors 2, visited 4 (including children her sister and a church friend sponsor)
Kevin Tang – sponsors 20 children through Euchre Change a Life
When I came back from my first mission trip to Haiti, I felt like I needed to do something for the children there after seeing things that broke my heart. Sponsoring children through HCO has helped me turn that desire into a reality and made me feel like I am making a difference in Haiti that will last. And what a blessing it’s been to invite others to share in that joy just by playing Euchre! I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet all our sponsored preschoolers, who were super cute and super shy! I’m looking forward to watching them grow and staying connected with them for years to come.
Daniel & Michelle Seifer – sponsor 5 children
We had a wonderful eye-opening trip. The children were amazing. I only wish we could have spent a little more quality time together with them so we could have gotten to know them better. My heart cries for Haiti, especially with what they are going through right now. Hopefully we will get to meet our sponsored children again in the future.
2|42 Community Church (MI) hosted a Child Sponsorship Day last fall. During their January 2019 trip, many trip participants were able to meet their children. We are grateful for everyone who supports loves our school children so generously!