PRAY FOR HAITI – January 2019

Pray With Us – January 2019

We praise you, God, we praise you, for your Name is near. We will tell everyone of your wonderful deeds. (Ps. 75:1)

Praise God for 80 new Every Child sponsors at the end of the year – and a total of 415 sponsors in 2018! We are beyond blessed by the enthusiastic generosity of so many who are loving and supporting our children so well!

Praise God for a gift of $40,000 from the Zanesville (OH) Daybreak Rotary for digital X-ray equipment for Peredo Community Hospital! Much work has been put into receiving this donation, primarily from short-term team member, Becky Joseph, who first visited Peredo in 2015. We can’t wait to see how God uses this to bring healing and hope to many!

Praise God Larissa Blevins, our new Child Sponsorship Coordinator! Larissa is a two-time Summer Lead Intern who is graduating from Johnson University this spring with an Elementary Education degree and a Bible & Theology degree. She will work part-time with our children and sponsors.

Praise God for our 2019 Summer Interns! We are happy to welcome Logan Schmidt, Jorja Coomer, and Rebecca Rivers to our campus this summer to help lead and serve teams! Get to know them on our blog this month!

Praise God for many 2018 blessings! We especially thank Him for:

  • 114 baptisms in Emmanuel Christian Schools!
  • Marcus & Arin Corn moved to Peredo to serve & manage campus!
  • God brought clean water to the remote village of Anse a Boeuf!
  • The dump truck arrived on campus, ending a 5-year struggle with customs!

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Continue to transform us into Your image! (2 Cor. 3:17-18)

Pray for RoRo, Eline, Marcus, and Arin as they prepare to host 2019 teams. May they be renewed each morning with strength and joy as they serve those who are coming to serve!

Pray for a total of 800 child sponsors by the end of 2019. It’s a big goal, but we continue to trust God and pray for even more friends to come alongside the children who have profiles ready and waiting on new sponsors!

Pray for churches to host Child Sponsorship Days in 2019. We are asking partner churches to provide space for people to connect with our school children through sponsorship this year!

Pray for Phase II (surgical wing) construction to be finished by April 6, 2019. Our first surgical team is arriving that day to begin using this part of our hospital facility!

Pray for our pastors and churches as they grow in their faith. May their lives be marked by light and hope, and may they continually share the Good News of Jesus Christ with everyone in each community they serve!

Pray for our Board of Directors, RoRo, and Cameron. They will be gathering for a week-long trip to Haiti, January 11-18, visiting our church and school locations, casting vision for the future, and praying for God’s direction and blessing on the ministry.

Pray for our January 2019 teams. Our winter teams will be focusing on finishing construction on the surgical wing of PCH and doing medical clinics. We have groups coming from 2|42 Community Church (MI), Northside CC (OH), Rocklane CC (IN), and Eastside CC (OR). May they show Jesus’ love and hope to all they serve!

Continue to pray for the Haitian economy and HCO’s general fund. Continued, rampant inflation and a sharp depreciation of the gourde because of the political situation are making things difficult for many Haitians. These economic issues are causing ministry dollars to not go as far due to increasing prices, creating a need for additional giving to our general fund.

And pray with us for Every Child this month: