Would you put out into the deep water, dig deep, dive down, leave your shore of comfort?

Ro and Eline have done just that year after year. They have looked past the circumstances of the country, the lack of resources, the trials of the day to day, and have committed to the call on their lives.

Luke 5:4 When He (Jesus) had finished speaking, he said to Simon, ‘Put out into the deep water, and let down the nets (or cast the nets) for a catch.’
This one verse is crucial to why the mission of Haitian Christian Outreach remains, despite the past or current situations.

“Put out into the deep…”
Here Jesus is asking for Simon and his partners to search themselves, dive down, deep within and have faith in Him.

The remainder of the command goes as follows, “…and let down your nets…” In other words, “I am asking that you trust me and be obedient in what I ask.” In the next verse, we will learn the fishermen had fished all night, but Jesus already knew. He had seen the fishermen washing their nets. He is asking them to look past the circumstances, look past what they could literally see in front of them, what their years of knowledge about fishing told them and instead, obey His commands.

This Giving Tuesday, we are asking you to do the same. Will you go into the deep and cast your net? When you go into the deep and commit to becoming a MONTHLY RECURRING DONOR, you help Ro and Eline cast their net wider in Haiti! Monthly recurring donations allow us to serve at greater capacities. Here are just two ways we are preparing to do so in 2023:

  • Malnutrition Clinics/Feeding Programs: with 1.3 million in the Southern portion of the country at an emergent need of food, we know many of our communities are going to need food assistance.
  • Purchase of an Oxygen Generator for the Peredo Community Hospital: This will allow us to produce our own supplemental oxygen for our patients as well as for the needs of clinics and hospitals in the areas around us. This will be a step in the direction of sustainability for the hospital as it will bring income.

We want to be ready for other ways we are asked to be obedient to serve our community! Will you help us CAST OUR NET WIDER? WILL YOU BECOME A MONTHLY RECURRING DONOR? Click HERE!