Ro & Mario: Equipping Believers

At the very core of HCO is a deep desire to see people follow Jesus, live like Jesus, and share Jesus with others. It’s the principle RoRo and Eline began with in 1985, and it’s a guiding value of the ministry today.

Over the summer, Ro visited all of our churches as he usually does. Peredo, first, then Seguin, Grand Bois, Drouillard, and the others. God showed him that we needed to put together some leadership training seminars for all of the churches – to strengthen our leaders in the foundation of their faith.

Pastor Mario, leader at Emmanuel Christian Church in Kapotyer, worked with Ro to develop the lessons and content for these meetings. They would teach doctrine, hermeneutics, origins of the Bible, and liturgy of the church. It’s important for our churches to all be on the same page so they don’t drift away from solid doctrine. As the leaders grow together in unity, the church and believers are strengthened.


It was decided Church Leadership Training Seminars would be held Wednesday through Saturday at each church. Then on Sunday morning, participants would receive a certificate of completion during church services.

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Seminars have been completed in Kapotyer and Peredo so far. About 20-30 people have attended each week. Pastors are reporting stories of growth, and our leaders have given very positive feedback. The July training in Seguin was cancelled due to heavy rain and will be held this fall along with seminars Grand Bois and Drouillard.

Cameron talked with Onys one day this summer about his experience in the Peredo seminar (along with some other things in an impromptu FB Live Event). Check out this video:



We are very excited about the growth that God is bringing to our churches through this leadership training. Ro is pleased to see how Pastor Mario has stepped up to lead beside him. And we are looking forward to more stories of growth as more Church Leadership Training Seminars are held this fall.

Please pray with us that seeds of faith will be planted, grown, and harvested through these times and that God will be glorified through his church in Haiti!

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