This month we are celebrating the wedding anniversary of RoRo and Eline! This year marks 40 YEARS since they were wed! Ever so faithfully, they have served in ministry since they were students together at Ozark Christian College. Keeping their promise to God, they returned to Haiti after graduating, on a mission to do something in Haiti that lasts. Haiti is not an easy place to live or work, but together, RoRo and Eline have navigated through tough times, all while turning to God for guidance and wisdom for their next steps. We are so encouraged by Ro and Eline’s faithfulness to their mission in life. “Just one more” as RoRo says, as they aim to reach as many people as possible with the great message of God’s love and hope of eternal life.

RoRo and Eline are the proud parents of three children, Karl, Kimberly, and Kendra. When they are not in Haiti, they love traveling together and spending time with their children and grandchildren. Growing up in Haiti, Karl, Kimberly, and Kendra witnessed first hand the obedience of their parents. When asked, they will gladly share how influential the work of their parents has been on each of them. 

If asked to describe the faithfulness of RoRo and Eline Eustache, Hebrews 10:23-25 would be the reference. While the battle of harsh circumstances in Haiti has been evident in the history of their ministry, RoRo and Eline forever speak of and show their hope in Jesus Christ to be unswerving. They hold tight to the promises of God, for they have seen and know His faithfulness. For each other and those around them, they encourage and spur one another on in love and good deeds. They pray without ceasing for they know the Day is approaching. 

This couple has given themselves, and their marriage, fully into the hands of God and through this commitment, He has done great things! Together, they have planted 11 Emmanuel Christian Churches that have seen over 2,000 of our Haitian brothers and sisters choose Jesus as their Lord and Savior! They have started 6 Emmanuel Christian Schools which continue to grow in students and reputation. These schools are educating over 1500 total students with state curriculum and Bible education! The teachers employed in these schools are creating a community of believers to be sent out into the communities! RoRo and Eline will tell you they never expected God to ask them to start a hospital. And yet, through obedience, they opened the LARGEST hospital in southeastern Haiti; the Peredo Community Hospital. A hospital that serves a population of half a million people with a Pharmacy, Surgery Center, 24/7 maternity program, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Emergency Medicine, Urology, General Surgery, Laboratory, Radiology, and now, a Heart Institute. The hospital employs over 30 doctors, nurses, support staff, and administration. They have 

treated tens of thousands of patients, have seen nearly 1000 babies born, and have performed over 600 surgeries. 

So many blessings and they will always give ALL the praise and glory to God! 

Congratulations to RoRo and Eline on 40 years of a beautiful marriage built on God’s firm foundation! Like THOUSANDS of others, we have been a witness to a small, beautiful, encouraging piece of their lives together as a couple! We pray for God to continue to bless their life and to be an example bringing others closer to Christ. 










Would you join us in honoring Mr. and Mrs. Roselin Eustache (Pas and Madam Pas) by celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary throughout the month of June? There are several ways to honor this beautiful couple this month! Here are a few: 

-Send a card! If you would like to send an anniversary card, you can do so by sending it to our main office in Kokomo, Indiana. At the end of the month, we will be certain to provide these to RoRo and Eline!

Haitian Christian Outreach
PO BOX 6355
Kokomo, IN 46904

-Become a partner in mission with a monthly recurring donation, supporting the lifelong work they have committed to. You can do this through our website: and click recurring donation.

-Provide a one time donation in honor of their special day! Again, you can do this through our website: 


On behalf of RoRo and Eline, thank you for your continued support, encouragement and prayers!

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James & Barbara Eakins

June 9, 2022

We are so happy for RoRo and Eline. Happy 40th anniversary, you two!
We are thrilled with what you have been able to do in Haiti. God has blessed you as you have blessed the people around you.

Jim and Barbara Eakins