Second Pregnancy, First Prenatal Care

Last summer, we told you about Limene, her second pregnancy and her first time receiving prenatal care at Peredo Community Hospital in the story below. We are happy to share a couple of photos of her strong and happy baby boy that was born in October!

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Limene with baby boy_Feb16

Limene_baby boy_Feb16

This story was originally shared with Give Health Sponsors in July, 2015.

2nd Pregnancy + 1st Prenatal Care = Give Health

Alberto and Limene Toussaint live in Peredo, Haiti with their six-year-old son. Going to the doctor has not been a usual habit in their home. That’s mostly because up until Peredo Community Hospital opened in 2012, there weren’t really many options. Even after PCH opened, the idea of going to the doctor didn’t come naturally. It was new. It was an unknown. But, Alberto and Limene’s close neighbor and friend, Ms. Catiana, began working at the hospital when it opened. And slowly, they learned how it would change their lives.
Limene profile

About five months ago, Limene became very ill and finally went to go to the doctor for help. After some tests were run, she learned she was pregnant and had an infection. Limene was given medicine that helped her feel better immediately. The first exam also revealed that the baby was not growing at the normal rate, so the physicians instructed her to return every two weeks to check on the baby’s progress and monitor her health.

It wasn’t long before coming to see the doctor began to feel comfortable and normal. After a month, she had built a relationship with the doctors and nurses at PCH. She liked coming to her appointments. Soon, Limene felt confident enough to bring Alberto and her son in for a checkup. Now, her extended family has come to the clinic for healthcare.

Limene smiling

Prior to the clinic’s existence, Limene was nervous to start a family because she knew how hard it would be to have children in Haiti, especially in a rural village like Peredo. When she was pregnant the first time, she had no education about newborns other than what her family taught her. When it was time for the baby to come, she had only the help of her mom during the birth at home.

Now, Limene is excited about delivering her second child. She has learned a lot about prenatal and baby care. She is relieved that she will have good medical care from doctors she trusts. Mom and baby are both growing normally now, and baby is expected to make his debut in October.  And Limene can’t wait to meet her second son!