The Anse a Boeuf Water Project

Just over a year ago, Pastor RoRo walked into the village of Anse a Boeuf on the south coast of Haiti. The need was so overwhelming that God prompted us to help, and we started a whole new project to help the people of this beautiful village.

HCO Board Member, Mike Wilkins, chronicled the experiences and impressions of the first team that went out to help provide relief in this community: Anse a Boeuf: Stunning and Extreme. As Mike stated, “Most startlingly, there was a complete lack of clean water. We visited the town’s water source, but the smell of the putrid water told me we were getting near it long before we actually got there. Although the water was unmistakably bad, people were using it to bathe, and even to drink.”

As I visited a few weeks later during the Belle Anse revival, the first words out of the Mayor’s mouth was that they needed clean water as soon as possible. Then, the search for a solution began in earnest! Over the next six months or so, we researched solutions. RoRo, Terry Gunn (elder at Rocklane CC), and I worked together to form a partnership with Healing Waters International. This is a great way to meet this need because, while we identified the need and God led us to pursue solutions, Healing Waters has the equipment, skills, and experience needed to complete a big project like this.

Over the summer months, RoRo and Healing Waters visited Anse a Boeuf several times to put together a final plan to bring them clean water. (Pictured below with RoRo: Hippolyte, Mayor Dieufene, and the technician that will drill the well.)

God brought a major church partner, First Christian Church of Fairfield, IL, and several faithful individuals together to provide all of the funding needed. We were astounded by the response of God’s people!

With the plan and funding in place, the project began around the first of September. The dedication of the project is set for the end of October. We are so thankful that God chose us to partner with the village of Anse a Boeuf to bring them the Living Water through clean water! Keep an eye out for a celebration blog that details the whole project and God’s faithfulness when it is dedicated at the end of October!

by Cameron Mayhill
US Director