The Light Project: Update #3

If you’ve been following our blog and/or Facebook, you know that our goal through The Light Project is to provide an inflatable solar light to each of our Every Child students in 2016.

We have delivered over 420 lights to our students so far! The team from Rocklane CC (IN) and Kentucky Country Day (KCD) took lights in their bags and had the first-hand joy of distributing them. We are so happy to share these photos and videos!

Here, the students gather on the Peredo campus to learn about and receive a solar light.


Ladies from the Rocklane CC (IN) team prepare to distribute the lights.


Group photo time – our students in Peredo with their new solar lights!


These two photos and the video below are of RoRo showing the solar lights to the older students in Kapotyer.



And we can’t forget the younger students in Kapotyer. This video is a little bit longer – and we kept it that way for those of you who miss Haiti, love hearing RoRo talk to the students, or just want to escape to the Kapotyer school for a couple of minutes!

We are grateful for your partnership to share the Light of the World through solar lights. You can learn more, view photos, and watch our Light Project video on our blog.

If you would like to contribute to The Light Project, use this button!

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Thanks to Elaine Wall from Rocklane CC for these photos and videos!

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Elaine Wall

July 20, 2016

I absolutely love hearing and seeing what is happening in Peredo and Kapatyer. A big part of my heart remains there. The video of Roro singing with the kids is priceless and being able to be there in person to video and photograph as the lights were distributed I will cherish always. Thank you and may God continue to bless HCO!