The Miracle Arrived: Our New Dump Truck

I don’t know of a dump truck in the world that has been prayed for more.

Last April, we shared the story of the Dump Truck Miracle with details of how God broke through what had been stalling the purchase for several years, how we were given a better price quote than anticipated, and how God provided over $14,000 in just about a month’s time through the generosity of many of you!

And then we hit a delay with paperwork. And then another paperwork issue. And another. It was a combination of forms to complete, official documents needed, customs issues, title work to change, and additional taxes with a little good ol’ Haitian government red tape thrown in for good measure. The weeks stretched to months, and we began to wonder when God was going to finally release it into our possession.

We continued asking our faithful prayer warriors to pray in unity that God would remove all barriers and release the truck. And we are so grateful for all who stood with us in prayer!

Finally this spring, we were told the last barrier was an additional $10,000 in taxes and the truck would be ours. Jehovah Jireh, God our Provider, raised that money in one single day! In the meantime, a customs official had asked the dealership to move the dump truck to their sales lot, so we did not have to pay any storage fees for these past months!

Once the taxes were paid, title work had to be changed which took another month. Finally on Tuesday, June 19, I spoke to the dealership and was able to say to them: “I will send Mr. Eustache to pick up the truck today!” What beautiful words! RoRo picked up the truck that day. The first thing he did was pause to thank God!

On Wednesday night, June 20, the dump truck arrived on campus, with the horn beeping and the crowd cheering!

This truck will haul construction and community development supplies, diesel for the generator, food to our schools, teams to work projects, and more! We thank God for such a gift and for the journey He led us through that makes us lean on Him for all things and fully appreciate His many kind provisions! And we are thankful for all of you who gave, prayed, and waited with us as we completed this long journey. Isn’t it beautiful?