The Pastor to the Pastors

Last year, at our ICOM booth in Lexington, KY, missionaries and pastors from all over Haiti came to see him. The line of Haitian leaders who wanted a few minutes with Pastor RoRo Eustache rarely stopped. When we couldn’t find him at the booth, it was often because he was off in a quiet corner having another conversation with a Haitian leader.

I’ve always thought of RoRo as “the pastor to the pastors” when I see him mentoring younger believers. It’s the testimony of a life of ministry spanning over three decades that has led to training, discipling, and guiding several hundred young men into and through ministry in Haiti. It is the real story of doing something for Haiti that will last!

A few years ago, I remember briefly interacting with a man named Pastor Medit. This summer, I heard his name often as we partnered together to host the NYIT medical team — one week at his clinic in Jacmel and one week at our hospital in Peredo. On the last week of the summer, I was able to spend more time with Pastor Medit as some of his pastors attended our Teach to Transform training. We discussed ministry and shared meals donated by IDES with some of the people in need in his area.

What unfolded in those discussions was the realization that “pastor of the pastors” is an even more fitting description than I thought. As Pastor Medit shared his story with me, it became clear that RoRo has had a deeper impact in Haiti than I believe we will ever understand. It’s not an impact through buildings or churches or schools, but through personal evangelism and discipleship.

Now 30 years old, Pastor Medit shared how he had grown up in the church that RoRo planted in Cyvadier and how Ro was very instrumental in his spiritual development. In his early adult years, Pastor RoRo led a pastor training institute in Port-au-Prince that launched many young men into ministry. Pastor Medit attended that institute and began his ministry as a result of that and the mentoring of RoRo.

The faith of one man has been multiplied to reach many more with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Now, Pastor Medit has a seminary with over 60 students, 3 churches in the Jacmel area, and 8 church members that attended the Teach to Transform training. About 15 of his students are going with RoRo to launch the new church in Belle Anse in October!

This is doing something for Haiti that will last!

“But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all might hear it.” (2 Timothy 4:17)

by Cameron Mayhill
US Director