The Work Continues

GeneralFundBrand_LogoIt’s early Saturday morning on my last trip of the summer. The last team has left, and the heat in the dorm finally drives me out of bed toward a cup of coffee in the kitchen. As I grab my coffee and head towards the gazebo, I see Forest, one of our construction guys, head across the campus, and we greet each other in the ever-familiar way with the simple phrase “Bonjou” and a smile.


The next few minutes as I read from the Word and take in the morning, I see Pastor Mario headed to the church up the hill, and he waves as he makes his way there.

As I finished my coffee, I hear banging of hammers from our construction guys as they build forms to pour concrete beams. In the midst of the banging, I hear Pastor Jacquelin leading the worship of our church leaders who are here for a three-day Church Leadership Training seminar led by Pastor RoRo and Pastor Mario.


Then, it hits me like a ton of bricks…the work continues on! I know it. I have always known it, but this morning it is clear as the blue skies. It may seem obvious to say, but it’s a great reminder coming off the busyness of a summer full of teams – when teams aren’t here, the work continues. Our Haitian staff, buoyed by the friendship and help of our American friends, will keep doing something for Haiti that will last. Every. Single. Day.

And that’s what Lasting Gifts is really all about. It’s about supporting the overall ministry of HCO, including the day-to-day needs, the Haitian staff, the operations of the ministry – the work that goes on when even when special team isn’t here or a special project isn’t happening.

Would you join us by giving a Lasting Gift to our general fund? Click the button and choose “General Fund” in the first box.

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I hope you’ll join me in #DoingSomethingForHaitiThatWillLast !