Lolo Visits Peredo!

We had a surprise visitor on campus last Thursday! It was Lolo!

It was a nice homecoming as Lolo made her second trip back to Peredo Christian Camp in the last year since she started cancer treatments. There were plenty hugs, kisses, and teasing as she visited with her friends, the staff, and others.

Lolo_Elvina Lolo_church

Lolo was diagnosed with breast cancer last August and had a mastectomy on October 9th to remove the breast. Over the last twelve months she has been living with her son in Port-au-Prince and getting treatments at Partners in Health Hospital in Mireblais. She finished with chemo on July 18th. 


Lolo has an appointment on August 8th for a CT scan to determine if she is cancer free or if she will need more treatments. She feels really good right now and was all smiles during her visit.

Lolo wants to tell all of you who have supported her and prayed for her: “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She is very appreciative of all of your love, support, and prayers. And we are too! 🙂

Lolo_Cameron Lolo_Elaine_Crysta